Baby Messiah can keep his name!

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Sharia law is a game

Sharia law is alive and healthy right here in the US, where Christians regularly try to force others to obey their religious dictates.

So an unmarried couple went to court in Tennessee to have a judge decide whether the baby should have the mother’s last name or the father’s last name. Surprise! The judge decided that the baby’s first name, Messiah, which everyone agreed on, was inappropriate and violated Christian principles. She picked another name for the child.

Judge changes baby’s name.

ACLU offers help to parents.

Freedom From Religion Foundation gets involved.

A different judge restores baby name.

Apparently there is no mechanism for a baby’s name to be changed by the court, should both parents agree on that name. This is in contrast to many other countries, where a court can step in and change a baby’s name which is deemed inappropriate in any way.

What we have seen here is the picture of sharia law in action. Yes, that’s what sharia law is, legal decisions made based on religious law that Christianists should be following among themselves only, not trying to force other people to obey. They are opposed to sharia law except when they want to use it themselves.

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Satanism is in the News!

Yes, after so much time and so many false accusations, Satanism has finally made the news. Following the announcement by the Westboro Baptist Church that they were going to offend people at yet another funeral or other solemn public event, the New York-based Satanic Temple decided to perform a gay conversion “Pink Mass” at the grave site of Fred Phelps’s mother, who died in 1935.

The ritual recalls the Mormon practice of post-mortem “baptisms” of non-members. Not only long-deceased family members of present Mormons are baptized, to permit them to enter the afterlife, supposedly, but also historic figures, including victims of the Holocaust, whose relatives have been known to become irate at this religious hegemony.

Fred Phelps’ mother is gay now for all eternity.

Satanists have the most fun!

Hat tip to Obsidian Nights for this story.

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Alan Grayson ‘The Most Anti-Christian Congressman’ In History, GOP Opponent Says

I’m not sure that Long’s thought processes are deep enough to understand his own argument. The fact is that he probably considers 95% of Christians in this country to be “anti-Christian” for opposing the institution of theocracy and the removal of the Constitution. So Grayson is in good company.
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Goodbye, Andrew Breitbart

It’s been real. Real, fucking annoying. I don’t believe in God, but yeah. Burn in hell. Good riddance. You have made the world a better place by moving on.

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test post

Dreamhost, the fuckers.

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Rick Perry’s Faith: Story of Personal Turmoil Still Largely Unexplained

Sounds like he was stressed out until he succumbed to changes in belief, also a common cult technique for getting members. Not that I’d want someone who stresses out that easily from nothing at all to become President, but really. I have enough informatio­n. Who cares about what he imagines the rest of the details of his conversion to be?

On the other hand, when he finally “reveals” this informatio­n, it will probably be more embarrassi­ng than he realizes.
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Michele Bachmann: ‘I Radically Abandoned Myself To Jesus Christ’

Michele Bachmann is now channeling Jesus 100% of the time. We must obey.
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Michele Bachmann: 2012 Campaign ‘Alive And Well’

Michelle Bachmann
Bachmann is still convinced that God wants her to run and unable to accept that either it was a delusion on her part or God messing with her. How do they explain away to themselves the fact that all the other candidates also claim to have been sent by God?
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The Status of Women in the Bible

women in the ancient world
We read Beowulf in the context it was written. The Bible is most often read in modern context, ignoring the cultural difference­s that made much of it mean something very different from what dogma would tell us it should mean to us.
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Frank Pavone Suspended For Financial Mismanagement, Fights Suspension Order

frank pavone who?
What’s a little financial mismanagement? A million here, a million there…
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